How much Delivery charge?

 £3.00 standard delivery in Chelmsford city. Futher charges may apply for outskirt.

Where do we source our recipes?

 All our ingredients are purchased from local suppliers where possible.

How long is the shelf life of these products ?

 Correctly storing in the fridge will give 2 days self life after delivery, freeze on the same day will give 2 weeks shelf life.  

Which cooking style do I choose?

 The instruction are given within the meal boxes. Guided as 1,2,3. Following instruction 1, will give more robust taste where as instruction 3 is the most easiest option.

 using oven, pots and pans or microwave which will vary in taste and texture.

What do I do if I loose the instructions?

You can find the instructions on the menu page on our website.

Can I order extra items?

Yes after ordering your first set of meal, you can choose any Add -on from different section. 

How do I know its contents?

 Contents are listed on containers and also on our website. 

Any allergies?

All allergies are listed in bold on the website.Should you still need advice, then please contact us we’ll be happy to help.

Where would you leave my order if I am not home?

If not at home please provide second address where we can leave your order safely.

Where can I store my farefresh?

Open up box/bag and leave the trays In the fridge for lasting freshness untill you are ready to cook.

Are the containers safe?

Our air-pet touch tray meal can be re- heated and re-use. Duel use oven and microwave .

( oven the max temp.180c.)

The silver aluminium tray only goes inside the oven unless you decide to empty the content and cook in a pot/pan.

(not suitable for the microwave).

Where can I leave feedback?

 Your feedback is important for us.You can leave feedback on the testimonial page of this website. 

Can I order regularly / subscription?

You can order as and when? weekly (4 meal per month) /monthly (24 meal per year)  subscription you are incontrol cancel anytime by serving a week notice. Once you tried us and enjoy what you get, why not go for?

block booking orders and make referals maximum discount.


Are your portions enough for two?

Our meal prep box is ideal for two person, portion sizes has been calculated on healthy options.We believe in eating 2/3 full, leaving 1/3 for air and water.

However you can add extras. 

Whats inside the box?

 A set of ingredients.

A set of recipes.

A set of instruction.

Is the cooking process complicated?

We do all  the complicated parts and for you the simple stuff.10/20 mins dinners sorted!

our  meal box is typically made of 4 containers.

1) salad

2) vegetable (side order)

3) basmati rice

4) mains (vegetable/fish/ chicken/ lamb)

container 1 and 3 all prepared.

container 2 just add sauce,cook in pot and pan or oven

container 4 usually grill or pots and pans for curry

Pots and pans usually bring out the robust authentic flavours of spices.

What is the Delivery time slot?

Choose morning or afternoon. We then contact you with available time slot of 2 hours window.

What happens if I missed my delivery?

 We can leave your order at a second address if informed 4 hours before delivery.Please note extra charges may apply if the driver returns for your delivery.

Are there any benefits for referrals?

Yes if you make a referral just email us. We will check with the order and give you a discount on your next order. Every time your referral orders,you also get discount as well as your referal.

Are any discount and offers?

Only one discount / offer can be used at any given time terms and conditions applies.

If your question has not been answered then please drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.

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