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Office lunch or an evening meal. We deliver to your door.  


Carefully selected ingredients make our dishes have an authentic taste and packed with flavour . All meals include a healthy portion of basmati rice, vegetable curry, salad and a main meal.

Our experienced chefs use the finest and fresh ingredients from poultry to peas.


*On average we use 50 % less salt, oil and vegetable ghee compared to high street restaurants.

*At time we may alternate the produce to maintain the quality of farefresh.


Let us know if you have any dietary requirements or any preferences before placing the order.

 Available for delivery Mon-Sat 11:00 – 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Kumb Aloo

Button mushroom and baby potatoes cooked with mild/medium curry sauce.

Vegan                                       £11.97 


Gobi Aloo

Grilled Cauliflower stake and potatoes cooked with spice and herbs in mild/medium curry sauce.

Vegan                                       £11.47 


Vegetable Samba

A careful selected vegetables cooked with herbs and spice in dall masala mild/medium

Vegan                                       £11.47 


Saak Aloo

Baby spinach and baby potatoes cooked with mild/medium curry sauce.

Vegan                                       £11.97 


Vegetable Shashlic

Vegetables peppers onions marinated with spice and herbs then grilled.

Vegan                                       £12.47

Paneer Shashlick

Indian cheese and peppers marinated with herbs and spice then grilled.

Vegetarian                           £12.47

Chicken Drumstick

Chicken drumstick marinated with tandoori masaala ,herbs, spice,and lemon juice


Chicken Shashlick

Chicken breasts cubes marinated with herbs and spices, pepper, onion and lemon juice.


More Choice to Personalise your Takeaway

Takeaway Options

Pick one vegetable menu for example 3 ( cauliflower) £10.97

Pick two vegetable example 1 and 6 (Aubergine and potatoes) from the list for £11.47 

1. Aubergine

2. Butternut squash

3. Cauliflower

4. Mushrooms

5. Okra

6. Potatoes

7. Spinach

8. Sweet potato

9. Chick peas

10. Lentils


Single Vegetable option £10.47 for example, Cauliflower
Duo Vegetable option £11.47 for example, Mushroom and Spinach



Order now by Calling 07309 407 773


Our meal trays are practical, convenient and recyclable



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Our Menu

Main Dishes

 these are meal for two people 


Kumb Aloo

 Gobi Aloo

Channa Aloo





 Saak Paneer

Salmon Shashlick



Dupiaza Paneer

Salmon Fillet


Tandoori Chops

Shashlick Paneer

Salmon Bhuna


     Lamb Tikka      

 All our menu are freshly prepared befor delivery and has two days shelf life when stored correctly, may alternate some produce that does not meet farefresh quality. A typical meal include, salad, vegetable and basmati rice for two person.Should you require additional dishes,choose from below. Allergens are listed in bold. If unsure-contact us!

Add a Second Portion

Side Order

Dall Masala (lentils)

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Add a second portion



Mediterranean Salad Mix


 Crispy Salad Mix

Add a second portion


White baked Basmati

Brown baked Basmati

 Add a second portion

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